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I'm frustrated because I'm finding out these new amazing things (such as the previous crop circles post) and i have few or no peers to share them with. I'm used to sharing these things.

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note: the web page contains some recommendations for preparation before focusing on these symbols. i don't fully understand why, but i know that it's easy to try and devour information on the web without much pause - but just because it's on the web doesn't make it not serious. to the degree that you're bothering to read it, it should be esteemed enough to heed their preface..

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I'm really confused here. Who the *fuck* spends hours and hours writing up the constant onslaught of aimless verbal diarrhea that are children's cartoons?

I mean I know there's a lot of sociopaths in advertizing, executive positions, etc., but these are *solid hours* of pathological bunk, and aimed at children, no less!

I mean how does one spend *that* much time being a total creep and pulling shit out of his ass aimed absolutely nowhere, just to patronize kids for a paycheck, and continue to live? I mean why don't they just drop dead or stop breathing?

And how the *hell* am I the only sensible adult who notices this stuff? Where are all the parents? For God's sakes, have a backbone and save your children!

Cartoons weren't always this way, you know. I watched a lot of them when I was a kid. They even had morals. And when they didn't, at least they were sound and sane.

Something is dreadfully wrong with the world.. it's always been the case, but even in that context this plethora of new cartoons is alarming. Something's wrong here, and somebody's going to hell in a handbasket. I'm just not sure whether it's the children, or the adults.

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<tommjames> i always new anarchy was workable
<AirCastle> what's really pissing me off is that the media and the un is pushing for a government to form there and ruin what they have
<tommjames> same old stupidity
<AirCastle> because they can only envision that only a government with formal laws can give an orderly society
<tommjames> nod
<tommjames> lack of vision

NWO, capitalism and the gov'ment

For as long as recorded history, the human condition has been frought with discord, strife and suffering. The basic reasons behind this are anybody's guess. Some might blame the development of the neocortex. Some blame the emergence of language. Some believe argiculture was humanity's biggest mistake. I've even heard the theory that species who live on planets far away from their galactic cores that become intelligent tend to go apeshit in general. Even syllogistic logic has been indicted. And of course, the Scientologists have their own theories..;P

Of course, the above considerations are pretty abstract in comparison to the nature of this strife and the suffering that we experience in our own personal lives. And that's what I want to focus on here. You can take war, for example - it's more symptomatic of course than the general problem in-itself, but it's certainly paramount. I think war shows a lack an understanding of unity and brotherhood...it's hard to wage war on one's blood brothers. Obviously not everybody in the world is your physical brother, but on a global scale, the 'blood' there is our sprit. Yes, it would be somewhat naive just to blame it all on lack of brotherhood and leave it at that. It's a complex scenario, and there are other factors at play here.

Humans have been suppressing themselves and oppressing each other for literally ages. We suppress ourselves for fear of judgement, hatred, or not being loved; while meanwhile we issue the same judgement to other people - judgement about different issues that *someone else* lives through and that *you* don't understand. We oppress others for fear...we fear they might rob us, we make laws and the penal system and incarceration. We fear someone might expose us for our insecurities, we ridicule or silence them. Some beaurocrats fear liability, they issue building codes and don't let you live in anything that doesn't cost you a lifetime's amount of work - before you've even lived long enough to earn it. People fear others won't allow them to do what they want with property, so all property is legally allocated and monetarily exchanged, and none is left over for anybody who just wants to Live Simply; not even being homeless and starving is legal - there's nowhere you're allowed to sleep.

It seems a lot of people take suffering to be a permanent fact of life - just the way things are in the universe. Yet I don't think this is the case -- just look at the broader field of nature on Earth..it's a fairly different animal.

Now I think the *proof* of something being seriously wrong with the way we're doing things is our systematically progressive devastation of the environment. That just isn't the way an animal behaves - except for human beings of course. This has been going on since the industrial revolution, if not for longer. The thing is, you and I both participate in the systematic destruction of the environment. Every time you buy something that's not decomposable, every time you put gas in your car, every time you turn on the light switch, and truthfully any time you buy anything at all that takes the consumption of resources, the dispelling of waste, the using of electricity and the issuing of carbon dioxide in its making -- which is just about anything you buy. The companies that provide these things are satisfying a need in the market; we make up the market, and hence we are not without responsibility.

My point is that suffering indicates something is wrong, the proof of something being seriously wrong is our devastation of the environment, and you and I are responsible for the devastation of the environment; this seems to indicate that the afflictions we face in life are due to things reflected in every individual, and are hence primary to anything circumstantial such as large corporations, the government, the "new world order," the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, the GOP or the dems, for the most part. Governments themselves arise naturally in a vacuum; that's why they exist in every nation in the world, and it takes more than just a few people to run a government. They're hence created by The People.)

So if one feels the need to change things, I think things can be changed, but I would implore one not to look up to mysterious vague notions such as the "NWO," or even the evil, sinister, conspiring government that we all learned about through watching X-Files. Even large corporations, which I do believe are basically sociopathic and rather cancerous to society, are not the fundamental causes of society's oppression in the way that people seem to be starting to almost paranoically take them to be. Instead I would implore that people "look down" and delve deeply into their emotions, qua the emotions of humanity, and into the historical and developing nature of the human condition. This is all dark territory since it borders on the subconscious and we're largely unconscious of these behaviors and emotions. So what we're fundamentally dealing with here are endemic beliefs and unconscious societal behavior patterns, and I really don't think they're majorly deliberately conscious evils like this nebulous notion of an NWO. I think going down such an ideological path would only serve to *divide* us and make us fight maniacally against things we don't even understand, somewhat like in the L.A. riots of 1992. Even the CEOs of large corporations principally want *money* more than anything else, and in all likelihood have some fucktarded philosophy on life to justify their actions; altogether they exhibit an aspect of humanity and they're a reflection of you.

Everything in its rightful place..

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